NO KNEAD CINNAMON ROLLS{egg less version}



Cinnamon rolls , which is my to-do list from so many days as i have seen in web with using eggs so i just searched once for eggless version then i came across pioneer woman website, in her website she posted cinnamon rolls using eggless and its not necessary to  knead  the dough .Coming to the recipe it is very easy to prepare for people who are new to yeast baking people , these days iam doing alot of experiments with yeast baking , the main part while doing these rolls you just have to make the dough and have to kept aside minimum four to five hours.I just filled these rolls with cinnamon powder and brown sugar, otherwise u can add chocolate chunks or may fill with nutella also…


Milk                          : 1 cup

Sugar                       : 1/4 cup

Oil                              : 1/4 cup

Instant yeast          : 1 1/2 tsp { active dry yeast}

Flour                         :2 cups

Baking powder       : 1/4 tsp

Baking soda             :1/4 tsp{ scant}

salt                              : 3/4 tsp


Melted butter              : 1/4 cup

Brown sugar                : 1/4 cup{ can use white sugar also}

Cinnamon powder    : 1 tbsp

For the glaze:

Icing sugar                 : 1/2 cup

Milk                                : 3 tbsp

Vanilla                          :1/4 tsp


  1. Take milk, sugar and oil in a pan and mix together.Bring the milk mixture to get boil and then off he flame.
  2. Le it cool for a while so tha it comes to luke warm stage, if it gets cool then again heat for few minutes untill i come so luke warm stage.
  3. Add yeast and 2cups of flour and mix well with laddle untill it mix well.
  4. Cover it with a cloth and keep in a warm place and let it doubles in size.
  5. When the dough gets double in size{ it gets nearly one hour to increase in size} then add flour {1/4 cup}, baking powder and baking soda and salt and mix well.
  6. Now you can refiregerate the dough for an hour or maybe overnight also.
  7. Then take the flour and dust the surface with flour and press he dough with flour.
  8. Roll the dough and make it in rectangular shape and enlarge as thin  as u can .
  9. Brush the dough with melted butter i used my pastry brush for this , then add brown sugar and cinnamon powder and spread overall.
  10. Roll the dough from another side and make rounds, and add little bit of flour and cut into slices and place these rolls closely in pan .
  11. Set aside for half-an hour so that the rolls gets double in size .
  12. Pre-heat the oven 180 c and bake the rolls in oven upto half an hour {it depends upon our oven, mine took nearly twenty five minutes}.
  13. While baking prepare for the glaze , mix the ingredients mentioned for glaze and pour it over rolls while they are in pan.
  14. The glaze will set after a while.DSC01837



Eggless orange cream biscuits

Today iam posting this eggless orange cream biscuits , as iam a member of fondbites- bake along group which is hosting by subhashini  every week some of our group members are doing baking items which are given by her. This week we are doing  orange cream biscuits in our group as i personally dont like to add eggs in my cookies i just baked  eggless version , as in original recipe cream of tarter and eggs had used i just replaced them with hung curd and cream of tarter i didnt got near by stores so i replaced it with corn flour.While i baking this orange biscuits the total aroma filled at my house, as my kids liked this cream biscuits so much . DSC01853


Butter                 :      1/2 cup

sugar                   :      1/2 cup

milk                     :       1/12 cup

orange juice     :         1/12 cup

orange zest        :   one orange

flour                     :  2 cups

corn flour          : 2 tbsp

baking powder  : 1 tsp

hung curd           : 1 /8 cup

salt                      : 1/4 tsp


BUTTER       : 2 TBSP


orange juice       : 1 tsp

orange zest         : little pinch



  1. Mix together milk , hung curd and orange juice and add this to the butter mixture.
  2. Sift flour , baking powder , salt and corn flour into the butter mixture and mix to form like a smooth dough.
  3. Cream butter , orange zest and sugar untill it forms creamy and fluffy upto five minutes.DSC01838
  4. DSC01840
  5. Pre-heat oven to 180c .
  6. Line grease the baking tray .
  7. Take the dough and make small balls and flatten them with your palms and bake upto 20 mins.
  8. DSC01841
  9. Remove from the oven and let them cool.
  10.  Mean while the cookies are cooling, prepare the cream .
  11. Layer the cookies with cream mixture.



Eggless marble cake

Marble cake is the one which iam postponing from lot of days to post in my blog . These days iam quite busy with my kids , as i have to drop  them in school and again i have to cook and to prepare lunch box to them just got a hectic schedule for me . Marble cake is a easy cake and iam posting today this eggless version and i have baked this cake in my bundt pan.. i just ordered this pan from online store and i love this pan alot.. coming  to the recipe marble cake mainly contains plain vanilla flour and cocoa flour just we have to give swirls to the batter then it appears like marble effect..


MAIDA                : 1 AND 1/4 CUP


BAKING SODA       : 1/ 2 TSP

BUTTER            :  1/2 CUP


MILK                    :1 CUP




  1. Sieve the maida , baking powder and baking soda twice .
  2. Cream butter and sugar untill it becomes smooth then add milk
  3. Add vanilla essence and stir completly, then add maida to this creamy mixture.
  4. Now take 1/4 of this mixture and add cocoa powder to it, and if it is not smooth add tablespoon of hot water so that it forms smooth creamy texture .
  5. In meanwhile preheat the oven at 180c temperature and grease your  pan set aside ,now both vanilla and cocoa mixture are ready.
  6. First pour vanilla batter and then cocoa batter into the pan repeat this alternately and just make swirls in the pan so that it resembles like marble effect , put this pan in oven and bake it  for 45 to 50 minutes at 180c temperature.
  7. Check it with a tooth pick if it comes clean without sticking any batter to the toohpick then cake is done.
  8. Cool  the cake for a while in cooling rack then cut it into slices.             :


paalak paneer

Paalak paneer is a north indian dish which is a perfect combinaion with rotis.Paalak which is also called as spinach is a leafy which contains a lot of nutrients and paneer  is high calorie content food  and contains lots of calcium , my kids loves paneer a lot and i love to prepare paneer dishes with various combinations .Today iam going to post this paalak paneer dish it is creamy dish which contains spinach and tomato puree.Whenever we go to dhaba or any restaurant we order paneer dishes .


spinach                :  500 gms

paneer                 : 200 gm { cut into cubes}

green chillies        : 3-4

onions             : 2 {big size ground to paste}

tomatoes      : 3 to 4 { make them puree }

ginger garlic paste : 2 tbsp

ghee or oil   : 4 tbsp

turmeric powder: 1/2 tsp

garam masala         : 1 tsp

salt      1 tsp


GHEE     : 2 TBSP

green chillies        : 3 – 4


  1. Discard the stems of spinach leaves. Wash leaves in lots of water to remove impurities.
  2. Pressure cook with 1/4 cup water to give one whistle.Keep on low flame for five minutes.Remove from fire and let it cool.
  3. Grind the spinach along with green chillies to a fine coarsely paste.
  4. Heat oil or ghee  and fry onions to brown colour.
  5. Add tomato puree and cook on low flame for three minutes.
  6. Add ginger garlic paste and saute for a while let it cook upto two minutes.
  7. Add salt , turmeric powder, and garam masala and stir for one minute.
  8. Then add spinach puree to the above cooked mixture and cook for a while.
  9. Add one cup of water so that it gets thinner. Cook it for ten to fifteen minutes then transfer it to bowl.
  10. Temper the oil add the ingredients which has given above and when it gets heated add it to the curry and serve hot . It goes well with rotis.






strawberry cheese cake[no bake] version

AS i have taken long break from blogging world today i decided to post this cheesecake . This is a a bakeless version and i refrigerated this cake in my fridge as strawberries are available plenty in my local fruit market , i thought to prepare this cheese cake.Basically iam not   cheese cake fan but i thought to prepare this with strawberries , my kids loves a lot the flavour of strawberries and i tried this no bake strawberry cheese cake as i prepared this cake but i didnt  added the glaze upon the top . As one of my friend is hosting event with strawberries  iam  sending my entry to her blog.





sugar [powdered]         : 2 tsp

butter {melted}           : 50 gms

For cheese cake   :

fresh cream            : 250 ml{ i used amul cream}

curd cheese        : 400 ml

sugar          : 5 tbsp

strawberries            :   200 gms

gelatin            : 2 tbsp

strawberry essence       :  2 to 3 drops { optional}



  • FIRST blend the biscuits and sugar into fine in a food processor. Then add melted butter to  the mixture and stir well so that it resembles like fine  and press this mixture to springform pan.
  • spread this mixture in a pan and let it chill for half an hour.

For cake:

  • Take gelatin with 1/4 cup of water and leave in a bowl and sit in another bowl of hot water and stir the gelatin for ten minutes so that it completly melts and let  it set for a while.
  • Take curd cheese , strawberries , sugar and essence and run all in food processor untill it completely mix .
  • Then add gelatin to this and again blend completely.
  • Whip he cream into high peaks and then add the cream to the above , add sugar if desired it depends how sweet we can eat.
  • Take the pan from the fridge and pour this cream cheese mix to the pan and set it for two hours minimum in the fridge.
  • As i have to add strawberries glaze to the cake but i didnot  added the glaze to the cheese cake…
  • DSC01746sa
  • .Iam sending my entry to one of my friend nayna kanabar who is hosting event with strawberries and here iam  sending my entry to her friend

Tomato pulao

During summer season we get lots of tomatoes and we prepare so many dishes with this simple vegetable , as i like tomatoes i always put stock in my fridge. We can prepare a lots of dishes like soups ,  curries , pickles and sometimes we use  them  to get sundried  so that it may use further, today iam  preparing this pulao which is a one pot meal.  Tomato pulao which can be prepared in a jiffy when we are in hurry and it goes well with simple raitha  or we can eat it plain.



TOMATOES                             : 3 TO 4 { LARGE SIZE}

RICE                                          : 1 CUP

ONION                                       : 1{ LARGE THINLY SLICED}

GREEN CHILLIES                 : 3 TO 4 SLITS

SALT                                          : AS PER REQUIRED

CHILLI POWDER                   : 1 TSP




CLOVES                    :  2

CARDAMOM          : 2

CINNAMON           : 2



Heat oil in a kadai , add  cloves , cinnamon and cardamom. Then add tomatoes , onions and green chillies and saute them for a while then add ginger garlic paste and turmeric . Stir for a while then add salt and chilli powder and stir them for a while so that tomatoes get mushy ,then  add rice and add stir them for a while then add water to the rice.For one cup of rice add two cups of water and  stir and keep lid , as i prepare this pulao in my pressure cooker i switch off the flame when the cooker comes up to three whistles.Garnish this pulao with coriander and serve hot with raitha  .



carrot halwa{ using microwave}

CARROT HALWA  is a famous indian dessert which is prepared  mostly in every indian homes. It is quite easy to prepare and today iam going to post this recipe by using microwave method. Iam using my microwave since past from two years and i prepare lots of dishes using my microwave . carrot halwa which is also called as gajar ka halwa  in india as it is made with gajar.




MILK                : 1/ 2  CUP

SUGAR        :  1/2 CUP

KHOYA        : 100 GM {OPTIONAL}

GHEE         : 2 TBSP

NUTS           :  2 TBSP { CASHEWS}



  • Mix grated carrots , sugar, and milk in a big deep microwave bowl.Microwave covered for ten minutes.
  • Add ghee and khoya  and mix well.Its optional to use khoya , if using khoya we can reduce sugar quantity little bit .
  • Microwave it uncovered for ten minutes.
  • Add cardamom powder and chopped nuts.
  • Serve it hot or cold .
  • Image